Can someone tell me why my tappable overlays aren't working?

The term fierce should be a choice term. But when I a previewing it, it is showing }“FIERCE”{ as a dialogue, and it is untappable as well.

Hi! Do you have the words “Fierce” “Soft” and “Done” as overlays? In my story, it works but I have it codded like this:

@overlay BUTTON create
@overlay BUTTON shifts to POSITION in zone 1
@overlay BUTTON scales to 1.0 1.0
@overlay BUTTON opacity 1

Your text here.

I’m not sure but I think using the word overlay to create the tappables might be helpful.
Instead of writing &ui FIRECE create type @overlay FIERCE create . And I’d recommend using “@” instead of “&” for creating overlays. See if this works.

You can check Joseph Evan’s youtube video on tappable overlays.