Can someone test out my story and give me a true opinion



Can someone pleasePLEASE test out my story ‘Dreams of a child’ I want an honest opinion on it!
You’ll need 3 passes that you don’t mind using!
Link to the story :point_down:


If you want a detailed review my friend @Saasha reviews stories on instagram and recetly started on forums , her reviews helped me a lot. You can ask at her review thread on her profile.


Thanks for your help!




Thanks for mentioning me girl.


I read all three episodes and… it’s fairly good. Maybe just work on your zooms a bit and make sure your characters don’t just randomly appear when you transition to a new background. Also, the second episode was EXTREMELY short, I’d say try to make your episodes 800 lines minimum. Other than that, great job!


Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely change those things! :slight_smile:


why is your profile picture of woahvicky lol


If you need a really detailed review I would be happy to help. Here’s my link :


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