Can someone time the length of my 3 unpublished episodes?

I have finally finished writing three episodes of my unpublished story but I swear if I have to read another second of this story I am going to blow up :laughing: I have watched all the episodes SO many times and was wondering if someone could time my episodes for me? I can send you the link if you say yes and I will be beyond appreciative !


I feel you :joy:! It’s been 3 weeks of writing and I just finished chapter 1! Im out of it already lol.
I’m available at the moment, if you want me to read them :blush:.


The struggle is real :joy:


Thankyou! Here is the link:

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Would you like me to PM you about certain mishaps or glitches (if you have any)?

Yes please!

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Of course send me the link!!:grin:

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Hi! I read your story, really good so far. Here’s how long it took me:

Episode 1 - 13 minutes, 44 seconds

Episode 2 - 12 minutes, 13 seconds

Episode 3 - 9 minutes, 23 seconds

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Thankyou!! Any feedback or improvements??

Hmm, maybe just a little bit of background music, but it’s great without it as well. I’d also suggest some zooms, pans and cuts to make the scenes more engaging. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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