Can someone translate this into Chinese (no google translate)

Can someone help me translate some words into Chinese.
Please no google translate because I don’t want to end up offending anyone.

The words


Bonus: So I’m trying to find a magazine name, and I want it to be Chinese (inspired) because of the story line that I don’t want to explain at the moment, so if you have any suggestions; it can be any magazine name or whatever an idea.

I repeat No google translate because if I get called out for using the wrong word…I’m blaming you…

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kdjsnfajkh hi i’m chinese i can help with some, ill need more context about the particular sentence/what the term is used for though

It’s basically I magazine name that I’m trying to get, the magazine is aimed at women, health, self-love and so on mainly. I just need the words translated and I’ll see which one ‘inspires’ me the most.

ahh alright, here are how i would translate them hehe:

self love/self care
照顾自己 (zhao gu zi ji) (directly translated to: take care of oneself)

女人 (nu ren)

爱 (ai)

whomp this would be how i’d translate them in speaking language, hope it helped!

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how would you say love women?

爱女 (人)

basically the 人 is optional

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Thank you!

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no problem! if you need help with more terms i’m here to help :))

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