Can someone turn this bed into dark blue (navy blue)?

I will give credit for my story of course

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Epy.sister.hood can give me 5 minutes


Would you like the sheets turned a darker shade of blue? Or do you want the entire bed dark blue?

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I’m sorry guys but I was doing it I was trying save it ugh

sorry i saw you commenting on other threads saying you were doing things so i thought you weren’t doing this anymore…

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eh its ok I don’t care weither people use my art anyway

Uh, ok.

hi i mean really dark blue like navy blue (almost black) because a background im using has a navy blue bed. If you can do that it would help a lot and i’ll give credit :slight_smile:

its ok no worries :slight_smile:

just the sheets into a dark navy blue :slight_smile:

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Okay, how is this? @stronglcve I’m really sorry if you were already working on it, I just wasn’t sure if you were!

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this is great thank you! and I’ll give credit to everyone who put effort into this thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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