Can someone whip me up a template?

Hi, so I’m having difficulty trying to add characters in certain spots. Also, whenever the characters are being added it delays my animation of wanting the camera to pan to zone 3.

So does anyone or can anyone make a template for me to add background characters in each zone (3) that runs smoothly and doesn’t delay my scene.

Hopefully, this was easy to understand lol.


I can’t write a template now, but you can code your scene like this

&CHAR1 spot … in zone … and CHAR1 faces right/left and CHAR1 moves to layer … and CHAR1 is animation
&CHAR2 spot … in zone … and CHAR2 faces right/left and CHAR2 moves to layer … and CHAR2 is animation
&CHAR3 spot … in zone … and CHAR3 faces right/left and CHAR3 moves to layer … and CHAR3 is animation
&zoom on … in 0
@cut to zone 1

@pan to zone 3 in 5

and it shouldn’t delay the panning command

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When you have time can you send me the full template :sob:

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