Can someone who is good at layering please help me?

So I am writing a story and at one point she has the choice whether to hide behind a bush or not. and I tried moving the bush to layer 1 and the character to layer 0 but it’s not working. here is what I have

EXT. JUNGLE PAN - NIGHT with BUSH in zone 3
&overlay BUSH shifts to 80 -8 in zone 3
&overlay BUSH scales to 2.204 2.204 in zone 3
@YOUNG APRIL moves to layer 0
@overlay BUSH moves to layer 0
@cut to zone 2
@YOUNG APRIL stands screen center in zone 2
@YOUNG APRIL is run_fall
@YOUNG APRIL is stand_up
@YOUNG APRIL is dustoff_loop
@pause for a beat
YOUNG APRIL (talk_exhausted)
@YOUNG APRIL is idle_exhausted
@YOUNG APRIL is deepbreath
YOUNG APRIL (talk_think)
Where am I now?
@YOUNG APRIL is search
sound footsteps_forest
YOUNG APRIL (idle_terrified)
(Someone is coming!)

YOUNG APRIL (idle_terrified)
(What should i do?)

“Hide!” {

	@follow YOUNG APRIL to screen left in zone 3 AND YOUNG APRIL does it while run_jog
	@YOUNG APRIL is search
	YOUNG APRIL (idle_happy)
	@YOUNG APRIL moves to layer 0

@overlay BUSH moves to layer 0

} “Stay where you are” {

	@YOUNG APRIL is deepbreath
	YOUNG APRIL (idle_shift_weight)
	(It's a dream. they couldn't possibly see me)

YOUNG APRIL (eyes_closed)

(Maybe i’ll wake up soon)

Can someone please help me as soon as possible. the girl is still infront of the bush. Also I don’t know if it matters or not. but I did do some layering before, earlier in the script
If you want I can send that aswell.
Please help me!!!
Thanks in advance :smile:

@GIRL moves to layer -1