Can someone work with me to make an episode story?

I can code the story I would need help writing the script, I will give you credit at the end of every chapter and list your Instagram handle or whatever social you would like for credit! Let me know what you think!


This sounds nice! I have so many stories and always so much ideas, but sadly I always have so little time to code :(( I would love to work/collad with you to make stories or just one lol. Where I could help with the script and you could help with coding it.


If you would like to only of course. :sparkles: I could also help with the coding as I do advanced coding, Its just I won’t always be available to code. Hope that make sense lol.


That sounds amazing!:star_struck: I have time to code I get writers block though because I don’t write the script before. Would you like to create an episode story from scratch with me? I would love working with you, my coding examples are listed on my insta @bhavya_malikk! Hopefully we work together!


Also where we be in contact? What do you prefer us to communicate love?

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We can communicate over discord or instagram whatever would be easiest and most convenient to you! I think I would enjoy co-writing with you!

We can go with the story that’s already planned to save us some time!