Can someonhe help me with error

Can somebody plz help me with this is my first time doing this and i don’t know how to fix it pluse i want to add music to my story but i don’t know what to do

Delete INT

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You formatted the choice before it wrong, here is how you do simple choices:

Alright, move along

Just to clarify INT. and EXT. are only for backgrounds

Here is a whole thread:

I think she may have a sound splash, considering the text underneath. The error is the choice above it

I do have a sound splash and it is the error above

Just copy and paste my answer above or look at the link I sent you :slight_smile:

On line 12 you have &music_breezy

The correct code for that is music music_breezy

Also, you need a { after choice on line 4

There’s a space between - and sound, and - with day. Like this:


Ok thx


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