Can somone help me write a story? (CLOSED)



Hey, i would really appreciate it if someone would help me write an episode story. Because i´ve tried writing in the past, but i always ended up either giving up or it not being interesting enough to publish. I also don´t have much experience with writing stories on episode. So i would really appreciate it if someone helped me. (I do not know what it will be about yet) Maybe u can help me find a plot to. I have instagram, you can just DM me on there. I´ll give to you in private :slight_smile:


hi im not like new to it but ive just got episode like 2 months ago but made a new account if you want i can help u


That would be great!


but the problem is i dont have ig but snapchat instead


Its fine! i have snapchat too :slight_smile:


kk whats your user so we can talk there xx




kk one sec xx


ive just sent a request