Can Somone make a story with/ for me

Hi,im imagining a story that relates to an old tv show I used to love ( House of anubis) I would love to kind off make a series with main caracter nina in it again as she left after series 2-anyone wanna help by either making the eppisode or helping me make it

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Coz I am rubbish at making them but good at ideas

you are not allowed to make stores there is fanfic version of other stories. they will be removed

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also house of anubis was great. but i never got to see the end

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Aww ok, can I still base it on the idea but not have it the exact same

Like main characters after the house?

yeah just another titel. dont make it a copy. use other names. do orginal and new stuff in the story.

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So can I use their names but a different name of eppisode

no you cant do that. you can not make a fanfic.

someone els did with harry potter. where it was fanfic. but taken place on another school. but all the charaters where harry potter.and it was removed

also that story was the worst i had ever read and evry one who read a chapter was happy it was gone

Awww ok, I’ll do one like one where Victor was younger and he had a wee group like nina that would b cool maybe

With Sarah frobisher smythe as the vilin

Could I do this ?