Can’t change a story

Ok so I stopped using episode mobile for a long time bc it was too limited and today I wanted to check some stories again and maybe change them a little bit that I made on my phone and never changed or saved on my laptop but they’re like shown as the stories that I did change and save on my laptop. And there used to be this second row with stories that you made on the app and that you could change and it is gone now. Does everybody have that? ( I have an iPhone btw)

So I just saw that mobile creator ‘retired’ why?? Honestly that was the best thing to happen to episode if they just made that into an app…

Episode wanted to change some things up, mobile creator being removed is one of them


Yeah, since mobile creator is now retired, you’ll only be able to create/edit your mobile stories on the portal. Not sure if you are, but if you’re new to coding, there are lots of great threads and resources here on the forums to help you out :slight_smile:


To top off on what @Lurhu said, I would love to help if you need, I’m an advanced coder/director and I love to help others xx