Can’t earn passes

My used passes are not coming back

Mine aren’t either! I’ve used 16 passes over three days and they aren’t coming back

I know right. I am so frustrated. Every day I read 4 episodes and earn my daily reward so I can get gems but know I am afraid to read because I am afraid my passes going to finish. I don’t know what to do. I hope they reply

Get used to it, they’re not bringing that feature back. Your passes now refill only if you have less than 4 passes. Sending support tickets is a waste of time, plus Episode is taking very long to respond.

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Whaaaat really? Literally just a money grabbing app now, such a shame

Same here. My passes didn’t refill in 5 days. Not on android nor IPad!! What can I do?

Thea, I have only 1 pass on my IPad for 2 days now. No refill at all :rage:

Well, that’s definitely a bug. In that case send a support ticket and hope for the best.
I hope Episodes fixes all these technical issues soon, I haven’t been able to read stories for 10 days now :frowning:

This is not a bug it’s a new policy you can’t have more then 4 passes in your account and if you do your passes won’t refill

They said their passes weren’t refilling at all, even below 4 passes. That’s a bug.

And you can have more than 4 passes if you buy them, use a youtube sponsor link or complete a daily challenge.

Well that’s a shame. Because sometimes I like to read more than 4 episodes that’s either because of the shortness of them like demi lovato series or because I want to read more. I don’t think it’s a good idea to limit with just 4 episodes nor I don’t like to be limited like that. Like seriously 4 episodes? That’s so low. Come on episode you can do better than that. I am so disappointed.

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You know the daily streak where you have to read 4 episodes to get tickets and gems right? They skipped day 3 for me so I won’t get anymore tickets :unamused:

I’m writing a story and whenever I get new reads I’m not reciving any passes. I have the same gmail, restored with the same gmail and it’s not working…

Mine ain’t working either. Also everyday after completing the challenges my free passes are not refilling. Episode should definitely do something about it