Can’t find ads for passes can anyone explain?

Hey so I’ve watched a couple ads like 4/5 hours ago to receive passes, I just came back on and I don’t see the icon. Can anyone explain why it isn’t there ?

From what I have experienced myself, it is not always available (why it is not there). I feel like everyone has a certain amount of ads to watch per day and if you have watched 10 out of the 10 per day (as an example) it won’t allow you to watch more and therefore is not there.

I could be wrong though.

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I remember I’ used to watch about 18 ads a day, but I don’t have that anymore or I just can’t remember it haha. I get pretty addicted & use those ads quick. But thanks for the tip!

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Also, wanna be friends ? hihi

There’s a limit to how many you can watch a day.

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Ah okay thanks !

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