Can’t find my created story

I don’t know if this a bug or not but my story doesn’t show up on the episode Interactive when I created it on the app done 8 chapters so far same username an email an account an the story just won’t dhow up for me to publish it please help

You can’t publish a story from the mobile app :roll_eyes:. To do publish it you have to go to the writer portal from episode interactive online… would you like some examples?? :thinking:

I created on the app but when I got to the website in my stories it doesn’t show up there

Do you have THE SAME email?? :thinking:

Yah same account an email and nothing

Try to restart the app…

I think I may have worked it out but it’s meaning I’ve lost everything for my story I did

Did you scroll down? There is a list that looks like this:

this the list of stories that you have, and you have to scroll down to find them in the list. There should be a scroll in the portal on the side of the list, have you tried that???

Yah I did an there was nothing just all the defaults but I think I’ve worked out the problem