Can’t find story I was reading

Hey Guys I need MAJOR help. I was reading a story a few days ago and can’t find it now. Don’t know the author or the characters names​:weary: It was pretty much about this girl who a guy at school liked but she felt like he was too good and didn’t want to hurt him so eventually she pretended to date his friend to make the other guy not like her anymore… etc I know this isn’t much info but I’m hoping someone else knows what story I’m referring to!:weary: Her and the guys bestfriend ended up sleeping together when they were suppose to be pretend dating… and she woke up the next day and told her bestfriend about it and that’s when I had to go and I wanted to see what happens next… because I think she ended up catching him kissing a girl she doesn’t like afterwards… that’s the last part I saw… PLEASE HELP


It sounds like It Starts with A Bra

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I need help finding a story too!!! I was looking through the search bar and can’t seem to find it :frowning:
The story line was a girl was staring college and met her RA for herco-Ed dorm. She then met her roommate who had dated the RA before and then she met another guy and she got pregnant after she had slept with both of the guys and then they went on the show “Who’s the baby daddy?” And she found out who the father was. I started reading it a couple days ago but can’t find it please help!!!

Unexpectedly Expecting?

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guys i can’t find the story i was reading its about your character and you have a boyfriend. named stefen then he cheats on you so u start talking to another guy named ian i don’t know anything else i just started reading it HELP PLS

Rebounding with Bad by Natalia. There’s a user version and a featured version (I can’t remember the featured version’s name. I’m not sure if it’s the same)


i also forgot the name of the story i was reading i remember it was about your character and your boyfriend stefen cheated on you with another girl while he was on a trip then you meet a guy named IAN and he helps you get through it that’s all i know help please

Thank you so much!!! It is!!!

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Heya sorry I don’t know what story this but I can’t remember a story either it’s about a girl from Egypt she runs away to America and works as a lifeguard in a hotel I think she ran away because she was in an arranged marriage but I may be wrong anyone know the story?

I also can’t find a story i have read before. I’m new here. I read a story about there are two city, east and west. And then the character have got married to an upper eastside whom a billionaire and her father’s bestfriend. And then she meet a guy from west whom also like her that was force to married a rich woman. If anyone know what the name of the story please tell me

My guess would be Perfect Little Housewife by Bri. There’s a community version (original) and I think there’s a featured version too.

If that’s not the story, then I’m not sure

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This sounds like hunting bad by hope moon

Hii I have a question. I am looking for this author/story. I have been looking for days

The author is called casidey and she wrote the stories: When i meet her, when i meet them, i know who i am, i know who i am 2. Even with all the info I have i still cant find her. Do you maybe know where i can find this author/stories?
I also cant find her profile on the app or insta and I cant find a single post about any of the stories on instagram (no edits or screenshots or tagged posts)

One of her stories is called when I meet her, this story is in INK style and it was about a rich mafia man, who was depressed and was thinking about ending his life. Around the same time he met this girl at a restaurant (where she worked as a waitress). The waitress girl (female MC, cant remember the name) was living with her dad, but her dad abused her and the mafia guy noticed the bruises. He told himself that if he saw her again he would do something about her dad. her dad owed that same mafia man money. So when the mafia guy came to collect the money he saw the girl and took her with him.

:pleading_face: help guys I was reading a story and I forgot to add it to my favourites.
It about a girl who lost her dad, her mom had to work two shifts and even with that she still couldn’t pay their house rent so their landlord ask them to leave by the end of the week,
Luckily her mom happens to be an old friend of the mother to the richest boy in her school.
When they had no where else to turn to her mom called her friend and she was offered a job as the house maiden.
So they moved into the house of the most popular guy in school

:persevere: Pls What’s the title of the story

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Do you happen to remember the names of the characters and was it an ink or LL story?

“Why Me” by Sophie Alice. There is both a community version and a featured version

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Hey i need help looking for a story, it’s about a girl who moved from england to NYC with her friend i think and meets a boy there who is a fighter and they at the end have a argument or something so she moves back to england together with another guy and they start teaching selfdefense classes and she becomes also a fighter and then they see eachother again and they get together again.

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I think it’s this story.:thinking:

I dont think it is that one, the story was in limelight i think. But still thank you.

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Hey, I need help finding an episode story that i was reading.
It is about a lady named Shay who had a son with her high school boyfriend. Her sons name is Axel. Axel is still small maybe like 6 or 7. the high school boyfriend was with her but they are now divorced or separated (i cant remember which one). he is now dating a younger girl who he married and has a baby with. the baby’s name is Gertrude.
Shay is a fashion designer but is working as an interior designer for a man whose name is Warrick or Warwick (also cant remember). he is really wealthy and pays for her to visit his mansions to do the designing.

Please let me know if you know the title or author of this story! Thank you so much. :smile: