Can’t find story I was reading

Hi also need help finding a story.
It’s about a girl and she’s in college and goin to do sports therapy .
She loves her best friend he doesn’t know so she kisses someone in club.
Turns out he’s her sisters ex,sister is engaged to said best friend and mc is being blackmailed over something that happened with friends sister.
Recent story just can’t find it.need help!**
** Ll incase that helps

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to look for a story I accidentally lost. It was a school setting there was two love interests called Benjamin and Roy and a girl interested in both. Benjamin and Roy are also friends. The last and most recent episode was in a formal/dance setting where MC ends up coming with someone else who asked her out and liked her for awhile and shortly after Roy comes in with another Girl and the episode ends.

Help! :heart:

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guyssss… i can’t find the story i was reading its about girl (sorry my english is very bad but…)
*She grew up in an orphanage

  • she had nightmares (her mother died)…
    *I think her real father and brother found her (i’m not sure…)
    *She had very good grades at university
    *She has an apportunity to go harvard but she needs money…
    *After her family found her she got an opportunity to work in New York
    *First she worked in Cafe but when moved to New York
  • In New York she lived with her boss (LI) and his friend (first his friend was really mean but after MC and a friend was “best friends”
  • LI hated reading so they had an agreement… MC read to him and LI train her.
    *She had veeeerryyy long name…
    *Her LI had to disappear for a week because sb wanted to kill him.
    *Mc was very disappointed…She went to club, drank, stripped and then LI come back
  • LI called her TIGER, Marshmallow or Mrs… Or all LI three names * * L…
  • Her LI had child Diego (who first lived with LIs parents.)
    *LI was a leader of Mafia???
  • He had black hair and golden (darker) skin and an earring
  • Her nose bleed a lot
  • Last episode she was beaten… Her LI came and killed two brothers who beat her… And when this story just disappeared last night
  • Last evening story had 25 episodes or 27
    *It was drama
    *at the beginning (episodes 1-20?) every episode had opportunity to read, skip and costume
  • costume was limited

Hi! So I recently just played a story I believe was titled “Imperfect Perfect Cheerleader”, but it only had 6 chapters because they did not finish it! However, once I finished it, there was a mention how this story was going to be re-done, but I cannot seem to remember exactly what it said, as I clicked too fast! I was wondering if anyone came across this story recently? I tried searching all over and I cannot find it anywhere and I do not think it was an Episode Original because another author created it, but I cannot remember! The storyline was along the lines of this:

  • moved to a town
  • Dad was mayor, Mom became sick
  • friends with twins: Steele (I think?) and Sophie (or Sophia)
  • the twins’ parents divorced: Steele left with Mom, Sophie stayed with dad (His name was Mr. Turner)
  • son came back in senior year, wanting to rekindle relationship with MC and protect his sister who was bullied after vomiting at cheer practice
  • theres a guy named Lucas who is sketchy
  • MC friends are Willow and Victoria
    … if this is familiar can someone PLEASE tell me the name! Thank you so much!!!

Yeah, it is now a episode featured story. I have heard people talking about it. :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for responding! I can’t seem to find it though:/ it is removed from my favorites and when I search for it, it doesn’t come up. Can you see it?

No, people have asked for the link and nobody has replied to them.

Okay. Can you tag me in the forum of where people are discussing it, if it is possible. I appreciate it. Thank you for the help.

If you look into the Limelight Wish List thread you will see people mentioning it. But I don’t recommend posting anything about it there since it is only for requests.

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Hello! Guys I was reading a ink story about nat being engaged to her fiancé but her first live comes back his name is viggo nat has blonde hair and her finance is wealthy help me find the name

It’s called Dangerous Attraction by Irene Sid

Guys I cant find a story too!! I stopped reading it for a few days and it disappeared. I dont know the author tho however at the beginning of every episode she said that english is not her first language so if theres anything wrong just message her and so on. Anyway the story is about a girl who’s dad is a mafia guy and they call him lucifer she also has a twin brother and then she goes away to America for school and stays with another mafia guy that her dad knew and they fall in love, she was also a assassin and dis underground fighting, later on she got kidnapped by this Irish guy because he wanted to marry her. That’s as much as I know because as i said i have stopped reading it for a few days.

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The devil in disguise? If so, that story got remove I think

So, I also lost a story. It was set in Philadelphia and I can remember there was a character named Jules. She was in love with this bad boy or something and I forget most of it. But, I know it’s in ink. Help would be appreciated! Oh, and there was also character named Kade I think.

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Sadly this story is discontinued but it’s still not this this one.

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Really? It sounds just like it then Idk

Ye sadly it’s not that one

Hey guys I was wondering if you guys know this story by chance, I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not from episode themselves it was made by a creator whom which I do not remember. It was about a girl from Britain and her dad is the mafia of the British (he is known as the devil if I remember correctly) but she moved to New York and lives with someone her dad “trust” to find out he is another mafia capo of the Italian American in New York I think, and I’m pretty sure his name is Matteo. There was only one LL.
I remember the character was also some kind of fighter I think something like, “amote the destroyer” (I’m pretty sure that name is wrong) but yeah that’s all I can remember of what happened.

Pls help me find this :slight_smile:

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Was the author’s name Sapphire?

I don’t remember who the author was sadly :pensive:

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