Can’t find story

I was reading a story about a girl named Princia who while working at a hotel, inadvertently got sold into the black market. I can not find it anywhere and I don’t remember the name of it anymore. When I first looked it up it wasn’t showing up under the search bar. Halp.

It could because Episode or the author of the book removed it. But do you atleast remember the name of the author? If you search the name of the author instead, you will be able to find the story

No, it’s been about a week since I read it last. I was so into it I read most of it in one sitting and then the next day it was gone :sob: I can’t even remember the other characters names, the title, or the author.

Did you put the story in your favorites list before it “went missing” ?

I’m pretty sure I did. I’m guessing it was removed?

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post. Hope you find your story! :v:t2:

This story wasn’t called “Baddest” was it? I haven’t read it but there’s another thread about it and I believe the story got banned. I do know that story was set in a hotel so maybe it’s the same?

sorry, I’m new I wasn’t sure.

No worries!

Yess!! Do you know where I could find it? I need closure lol

It’s been banned so you won’t be able to find it. Depending on the ban, the author may be able to make adjustments and bring the story back, but I think that’s pretty rare. You’d really have to contact her :woman_shrugging:

Ok yeah I found the thread, thank you!!

There’s this really old story from the very beginning of the app, that I really want to finish reading. It’s about a bunch of misfits in a band. I remember this really crazy guy with black power hair (they would practice on his basement - ginger hippie), a girl (I think she was on the guitar - think her name was Max) and this nerd guy (I think he’s the mc). I remember the story was kinda nonsense. It was under the comedy section


That might be Front Girl… but i’m not sure.

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