Can’t get into some stories

There are a couple of stories I cannot get into, the app closes as soon as I click on them. I tried on a different device too, and same happened … both authors say no one else has problems with their stories…, not sure what I can do?

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Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App since this sounds like an app issue. @Stormsky you may need to submit a ticket to our support team help ticket

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I have not been able to access one of my favorite stories for the past 3 months. I have done what the episode techs suggested in hopes of a fix and now i have lost the ability to read 2 more stories. I am at a loss.

Did you half finish an episode before this happened?

No. I was reading it (finished the episode)next day i tried to continue reading and would it load 60 percent. It continued to stop and that was 3 months ago. Now this week i was reading 2 new stories and they were stopping before fully loading. Any help would be great. Thank u.


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