Can’t hear any music

When writing my story I realised there was no music on the app even though I had put it in the script and the portal would play it.
Then I tried reading a story I know has sound and music and I can only hear the sound.
What is going on?!

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Use google chrome if not i get the same problem ! :slight_smile:
Write the story with chrome and everything will be fixed i hope cause Safari isn’t really good (depending on what you are on).

It happens all the time. Don’t worry the music in the script. it’s working. Just closed out of the app and re-open It again.

I can never hear it. I always use headphones when reading my story because otherwise I can’t hear anything. Maybe if you have some earbuds or headphones you could test and see if that works?

If it really doesn’t work, write the volume for the music in the script like this:

volume music 50 000

50 can be replaced with any number between 0-100 (It’s the volume)
0000 is the time (1000 would be 1 second)
It worked for me after this