Can’t hear music on my story?

Okay I don’t know what is going on. But I cannot hear music in my story, sound effects work, but music doesn’t. It was working fine the other day and I didn’t make any changes. It’s just not working on my phone, I’ve tried everything to sending a support ticket, resetting my phone, etc. it’s not working with any music that I’ve added in my story.

is your sound up? or did you not type it in correctly?

My sounds up because I can hear the sound effects. And I’ve typed all the music commands right

I typed it like

music (music) without the parentheses, and I actually added the music name

let me check on my story real quick

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It always glitches like that, so just wait for the episode team to respond since you already send in a ticket. Make sure no errors is in your script.

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Thanks, and no there’s no errors accept for a background that’s in review, I just don’t want it to actually be like that in my story since the music is a big part in it


That’s what I have, the sounds are working not music.

That’s just one music command, there’s many others

Wish I could help, I’m having the problem of not being able to hear sound, but music works. I have that problem for almost 3 months. I don’t know what’s going on :exploding_head:


Have you sent a support ticket? I don’t think something like that should go on for 3 months :sneezing_face:

I figured out the problem. And I’m going to die, basically it’s for every story, not just mine. I have to constantly keep going back into settings to check my ringer then it will work when I get back to episode but it will only work for one music, then it will stop and I’ll have to do it all over again. I’m honestly sick of it at this point, I’m not willing to do something constantly just to hear music in a story, then having to do it again. I don’t know if it’s just my phone, or my app, or anything. But I’m actually tired of it at this point I’m so close to losing my mind because having no music or sound in stories make me bored. I need SOUND AND MUSIC
I’m glad I’m getting a new phone soon, I can’t deal with this one anymore

If its on the app just use google chrome for writing the story and everything will work normaly i actually had the same same problem

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Ah my computer doesn’t let me get google chrome, it always fails to… i’m screwed

Wait, what browser are u using?

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try to see how to download this i use to use microsoft as well it’s odd that you can’t download but the thing is google chrome is really working, try to find a way to download it on google :weary: :woman_shrugging: maybe on ytb

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Microsoft Edge?


Let me explain more, basically on my phone I’m not able to hear any music, but sound effects i hear fine. Not just with my stories I’ve been reading a story that contains lots of music and I didn’t hear anything throughout the whole story, I had to go to settings and play a random sound then come back and it would start working, but after one music is finished it goes back to what it did before. I honestly think it’s a problem with my phone

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I just saw this update on my laptop with Microsoft Edge, I do NOT use it, because Google Chrome is better. Soooooo, and oh okay.

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