Can’t login on Episode app

Hi, any reason as to why this could be happening? I can’t seem to login anymore. I’ve done what they said and reinstalled the app several times but I just keep on getting the same error. I really need to get this fixed as soon as possible so I can see if everything’s still working in my stories I’ve been working on.


You should send a support ticket to episode. :slight_smile:

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This happened to me and I sent the ticket but it was of no great help. Instead they suggested me to copy paste my work in another account and re upload the backgrounds and overlays. I suggested them to make a way for us to transfer our progress from one account to another. If others suggest the same then they might look into it.


This is happening to me too!
It seems like an issue affecting several people, so I hope Episode manages to find a way to fix it! I really don’t want to lose my account… :confused:


this is happening to me too right now! how can i fixed it? it’s always like that. i never log in on my own account because it’s always like that… so frustrating

ikr its pissing me off ngl coz i rlly wanna log in because like ye but i cant