Can’t open the app? And how to find support ID WITHOUT the app itself? (Advice by me lol)

I have an idea!!! That COULD fix your app.

How to get support ID without episode app itself:
•Step 1: Download “ Demi Lovato Path To Fame” app from your app store
•Step 2: Once you download it, find the settings (in demi lovato path to fame app or in your phone settings) And you’ll find the support ID cuz it connects to your phone.
•Step 3: screenshot the support id and send it to the mail or tickets to episode.

How do I know this would work?

I don’t know but I have hopes to try it than losing hope :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How did I discovered this idea just now?

Well, I was sleeping. Then I woke up then my hands suddenly wants my phone and out of nowhere i don’t know what the h*ll I’m doing- my hands just tap to app store and download demi lovato and l was, “ok, if i can’t open episode then demi would entertain me” so my hand does it again WITHOUT thinking and just tap and tap until I found a support ID and it SHOCKED ME AS WTF JUST NOW.

Hope this helps!!! :sneezing_face:


I can’t find my support ID to fix my app. I was losing hope… Well if this won’t help, then try to find the solution in your own way. Just don’t lose hope. “You’ll never know what you can do, unless you try”. Its better to try than losing hope. This is my last resort :sneezing_face: Incase you’re wondering that they kinda different app, they are still the same because it is RELATED to episode. And I know that the support ID is from DLPTF because it connects to your phone :sneezing_face:


I’m NOT sure if this would actually work- if didn’t then please try to comment/reply your message to me. If it worked, then try the same too.

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the demi lovato path to fame app is not available on google play anymore :cry:

@rafa.episode if you can’t locate your support ID, simply put six question marks ??? ??? in place of it. :smiley:


Wait- it can do that? Will it work after wards???

As far as I know, yes, it works. :smiley:

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