Can’t remember story name

Hey guys so I’m trying to find the name of a story that I read once it’s a mafia story. And it’s about a female surgeon or just in the medical field and they meet by one of the mafia bosses men getting injured and he’s in the hospital and then she goes to work for him. And her favorite bar is owned by him and his mafia. I’m sorry I suck at story telling and that I don’t remember much but if anyone knows what I’m talking about that’d be awesome.

oh i know this story ive read it i just cant remember the name, ill go look through my saved stories though

hihi so im looking for this story it’s basically about this girl who was lonely for her previous schools until this guy started becoming friends with her (the girl has a quiet, bookworm type personality) i can also remember that there was like 11 chapters in the story :))