Can‘t remember the name of the story

So i remember reading this AMAZING story, but i don‘t remember it‘s name!!!

It was about a girl named Naomi (i think?) and she became a supermodel. She married a millionaire but i think he hit her or something!? You can also choose to fall in love with another guy… btw he‘s the same age as Naomi. But the millionaire is older. Now I chose the other guy. Resulting in the millionaire shooting me because i divorced him, in season two. But in season two Naomi had children and the girl threw herself in front of the bullet at took it.

I don‘t remember much more…
Pls help! I LOVE that episode story!

I would be AWESOME if you could also tell me the author?


I think the title is called I married a Millionaire

hey! does anyone know this story? it’s about a girl with like hidden powers and she meets this guy at the mall and then her dad ends up getting killed in a restraunt and basically the guy saves her and like protects her throughout the whole story and stuff. I really forgot :frowning:

Hey I can’t remember what a story was and I was wondering if you guys could help me the story has a door and on the left was a girl crying and on the right of the door was a man and the interactions said something like should I open the door and I really liked it but it glitched and came out and I forgot it so would really help if you guys helped me out :heart::heart:

Was it the glass cage?

I remember this story and I have been searching for it!!! The other guys name was mike! I can’t remember the name of it or who wrote it but if you find out please let me know!

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Maybe glitch girl

I’ve been trying to find this story for ages now. Please let me know if you find it, or if you already did!

So I just recently got episode again and it won’t allow me to login as it was on an android and I use iPhone now so there are a few stories that I don’t remember that i need help with.

The first story was about a friend group who were looking in a basement I think and found books on gods, (Poseidon, Athena, Artemis, hades.” And they somehow found out that they were their children and somehow got to Olympia to meet their parents. I remember that the main girl was Athena’s daughter and the male lead was Poseidon’s son.

The second story was about these two assassins who were on a date and both found out that they were each others target and they end up falling in love. I do remember an excessive talk about chocolate milk and the presence of a cockroach multiple times. Was really funny and would like help finding it.

The third story was about this family the title had something gem in it and there was different gems such as diamond and emerald, I don’t remember much but I remember there was like a fire and the main girl got lost from her family and lost her memories I think?

Daughter of Poseidon maybe?

No she was the daughter of Athena :disappointed::disappointed:

There’s a newer story called legends

Also I was reading one, mc was the daughter of goddess of love, she lived alone with a guy friend… Zeus and his brother hades visited her, some party I think… Zeus had a lover and was hiding it from Hera. Can’t recall name of story, I will see if I can find it.

does anyone know this story about a girl who became an angel and she met this demon or fallen angel or something and i think she was able to see ghosts and it was kinda like a romance fantasy user story and from what i remembered it was discontinued? i think!! i don’t remember all the details but it was in the form of the ink style!