Can‘t remember the name of the story



So i remember reading this AMAZING story, but i don‘t remember it‘s name!!!

It was about a girl named Naomi (i think?) and she became a supermodel. She married a millionaire but i think he hit her or something!? You can also choose to fall in love with another guy… btw he‘s the same age as Naomi. But the millionaire is older. Now I chose the other guy. Resulting in the millionaire shooting me because i divorced him, in season two. But in season two Naomi had children and the girl threw herself in front of the bullet at took it.

I don‘t remember much more…
Pls help! I LOVE that episode story!

I would be AWESOME if you could also tell me the author?


I think the title is called I married a Millionaire


hey! does anyone know this story? it’s about a girl with like hidden powers and she meets this guy at the mall and then her dad ends up getting killed in a restraunt and basically the guy saves her and like protects her throughout the whole story and stuff. I really forgot :frowning: