Can’t remember the name of the story

I got a new phone and I lost my favorite story! It was about this girl who was a cheerleader and got injured years later she got a second chance to become a professional cheerleader and took it she had a football and photographer love interest that’s all I can really remember

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I haven’t read Dirty Rotten Cheerleaders but is that the story?

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Unfortunately it’s not that one

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@Aaliyah26 is it game changer

@Aaliyah26 or back in season

Hey there! I’m trying to figure out the name of a story of a girl that has an illness regarding her lungs but does not tell anyone, wears all black, struggles paying for Uni. She then meets a guy that will say he will pay for her school if she dates/keeps tabs on his wild son. She agrees and actually falls in love with the son. They bond over the book-pride and prejudice. I want to say the girls name is robin…?! The guy loves the color blue on the girl and buys her a pretty blue dress for a formal then finds out she’s only dating him cuz of the money and all that drama!

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile: