Can’t remember title of episode

Hi everyone! I commented this on a post already but thought i might as well start my own. There was a community episode story i read a couple months ago that i just cannot remember for the life of me! The plot was romantic, a guy and girl falling in love but the ex wife of the man gets between them and uses their dead son to manipulate him. Does this ring a bell for anyone. Thank you ahead of time!

It’s Ink or LL?

I’ve read a couple of stories like that
Maybe one of these is the one ur looking for

  • La Conti’s - You’re Mine (The ex wife doesn’t necessarily manipulate him trough the son)

I can’t remember any more, but I’ll let you know if I find some

i am 99% sure it was LL

Was the MC’s name Willow?

Sounds familiar but i’m not sure.

Hii! So I have to ask this I can’t remember this episode title can someone help pls so basically this girl which is the mc works at a cafe or something and gets hit on by his old boss then her love interest the famous soccer player comes into the cafe and he sees her after that calls her to the bathrooms then tries to kiss her or something that was like the first part then in a few episodes later the soccer player has to find a fake fiancé because his manager forced him to and so he calls the Mc girl to be the fake fiancé and the manager starts acting selfish and stuff so yeah that’s all I remember if anyone knows it pls reply this would be much appreciated thanku x

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May be it’s
No self control by andreaani roxi
Or fiance for hire

Ok thanku so much

I am here also because I forgot the name to a story I was reading.! It’s about a girl who reads books for a living and she goes ion dates to find someone and they all end up married or weird. And her friends try to set her up with a man who is a therapist because she previously slept with a different therapist. Someone please help!!