Can’t start my story

Not matter what I’ve tried I just can’t seem to start my story I’ve got my plan for what I want to happen but I just can’t find a good starter.

My story is about a young detective trying to solve the case of a famous fashion designer who is murdered but an ortopsy reveals that the true identity belongs to her sister who died 1 year ago.

I just can’t seem to start the story off :weary:
I’ve tried;
Getting straight to the murder
A personal moment for the detective
A fashion show which the fashion designer is taking part in.
The detective being called late at night to be informed about the murder.

Anyone got any suggestions???


I think you can start it off by having the detective having a moment where he’s hooking up with someone but he gets called to the police station because they found a lead about the murder case. It was a blood sample. They do dna tests and so on…and then they discover something…create loads of suspense.

Maybe you could show how the murder took place but don’t show the identities of anyone involved in the murder and once the murder has taken place you could have the detective wake up to receive a call about the murder. Make it look like a dream or flashback but without it being a dream if you get what I mean

Personally, I think the best starter would be the fashion show, with its atmosphere, chaos, models and paparrazzi. It’s the time to begin when the staff’s still looking for the model. With the starting music of the show, the body is found at toilette/under stairs/…
If you know the tv series Bones, they are always starting off with the finding of the body.

Then you could continue with your detective. Whether you choose to inform the detective about the murder at the start or later in the first episode, that’s completely up to you.

However, this is just my opinion and the choice is yours :grin:

Could do it that it shows the crime scene as suggested the young detective showing up on the scene getting a lot of banter between him and the other detectives. Is the detective newly promoted maybe this is his first major case since that promotion is the detective working to prove himself that he belongs with the big boys ect.
Or you can as well as suggested as well do clips of the fashion show them talking about the designer when they hear a scream then next minute crime scene up to you what you do but a lot of good suggestions.

Thank you guys :smiley: I love these suggestions

you know the start of the movie: harry potter and the goblet of fire? i would do that!

i LOVE the idea btw :smiley:

Thank you I’m glad you like it and I’m not fully sure I know what you mean;

Do you mean like start with the murder (the caretaker was killed in Harry Potter)

Or the MC waking up from a nightmare?

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yes, like start with a murder! and then like a scene where you see the mc waiking uo (but not from a nightmare, just a regular morning) that will make the readers curious about who was killed, why was he killed, who killed him!

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