Can tappable overlays (choices.) be timed

Yes, you’re right it doesn’t go to else after the time pass, it’s going to the last option. It will go to else only when you tap on screen not on overlay

Strange it’s not even going to the last option for me (if they are tappable)

If you tap on screen it should go to else, if the time runs out it should go to the last option :thinking:

Oh right when I use the code they just stand there until I click an overlay it won’t even go to the last option for me.

Damn who would have thought it would be this hard :joy:

did you put timer as well? :thinking:

Like this
@BRYAN stands screen left and BRYAN faces right and PC stands screen right and PC faces left

tappable [timed: 4]
@BRYAN is punch_jab and PC is punch_receive
} “DODGE” {
@BRYAN is stand_up and PC is punch_jab
} “FAIL” {
@BRYAN is punch_receive and PC is punch_jab

I’ve tried it with and else and without they both just stand there doing nothing until I tap an overlay :confused:

weird :thinking: did you try to test it on the app?

Yeah still the same :confused:

so it’s not going to the last option when you don’t click it after the time runs out?

Unfortunately not thwy do absolutely nothing until I click the overlay.

So weird, works for me. Try maybe delete the script, save, and paste again?

still nothing :confused: unless I tap the screen

Wait! I’ve figured it out :smiley: I had to add a none tappable overlay for my last choice
But I’ve noticed a timer has appeared but its off screen slightly, can you help my figure out how to get it in view of the reader. (sorry but thank you at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:)


tappable [timed:top:4]

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