Can toasters work with type in choices?

I have a type in choice with the main character’s love interest’s name as [LOVENAME]. I want to do a toaster at the beginning of a mini game that says readerMessage Help [LOVENAME] out.
So would this work with toasters? (it just says autobot on the web preview so I have no idea)

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Yes, it should work. Unless they messed around with the syntax again.

Could you move this to directing help category, as it’s far from role playing?

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It should work.

You’ve posted this in the wrong category, it should be moved to directing help

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@Belpix Oops… consider it done. & nice icon lmao

bahaha thanks. I have a thing for talking screencaps at the best moments during movies

omg im stalking you insta right now and its hillarious

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