Can we agree on a few things?

Okay so, I try to be nice to everyone. But I am really frustrated about a few things and I have seen other’s just as frustrated about that same things. So here is something’s I think we should agree on!
1.) If you say you are going to do a R4R and someone tack’s the time to use there passes and then tack’s the time to screen shot scene’s they like and proof then you need to do the same. I is rude and disrespectful to say you will read someone’s story and never do!
2.) If someone ask you for a cover, splash. overlay or what ever like that and you say I want to do it and something comes up and you can’t or you decide you don’t want to do it or if you tried and you just can’t do what they asked for…Please just tell them, I had a very nicer person try to help me with some backgrounds she tried for two days but she messaged me and said hey I’m so sorry but I just can get what your needing. No big deal! But some people will just never message you and have you thinking for like 3 weeks they are going to help you and never message you back so you send a message after 3 weeks of not saying anything to them or them saying any thing back just asking hey how’s it coming and they never say nothing back. (Lets just tell people if we can’t or don’t want to do something for them!)
That’s it sorry for this post just I feel like it’s something that needed to be said!
As always be nice to everyone and try to help as much as you can! :slight_smile:


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