Can we be friends

Can anyone wanna be my friend :pleading_face:
It’s really matter me if you want
But not
So no problem
Have a nice day to all :heart:


i’ll be your friend

Thanks dear :heart:
I am gone cry :sob: now

why Ashnoor

You are the only one who replied
And call me ash :grin:

okay Ash my name is alicia but people call me alicat

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Ohh cool
Are you on instagram


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Okay :ok_hand:


For what??

because i dont have instagram

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Awww you are so sweet
But there is no need to say sorry dear :heart:


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It’s your choice

okay and where are you from

@Ashnoor hello

Yes, sorry I was eating dinner

its okay please can we talk Ash

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Hey Ashnoor, I don’t mind being your friend if you want! :grinning: :heart: