Can we change a story title written for a contest?

Hello dear Episodians,
Q1. I was wondering if we can change a story title when we are entering a contest? For example: My story title is SWY:xyz but I felt like it should be named SWY:abc before submitting my entry. Is it possible or your story get disqualified?
Q2. When we let the readers name a character, is it important to create the character with a name like ‘NAME’, ‘FEMALEAVATAR’ ? I see people doing this way. What if I create the character with their canon name but their name will be filled by auto bot?
Thank you.

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I’m not sure about the first question, but for the second you can use the canon name. For it to show up as the name you let the readers choose, you need to go to the “edit character” menu and click on the MC, then change the display name to NAME or whatever the input you use for the readers to choose the name is with the “input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)” code.


If you haven’t submitted the form/haven’t published etc, and are still working on your entry before the deadline, then yes, I believe you can change your title.
I entered the Fairy Tale Contest and when I began making characters etc, I named it something that I then later changed halfway through the first episode.
If you are still unsure then you can ask
@ Melani3
In the latest contest thread. Just be sure you’ve read all of her previously answered questions in the post before asking in case she’s already answered it.

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Thank you so much. :blush:

Ah, yes. This question wasn’t answered in the FAQ section. I will ask her. Thank you. :blush:

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