Can we get hats?


In episode limelight, we don’t have hats. Can you consider this? :confused:


This is in the wrong section. It belongs in the Feauture Request section. :slight_smile:

@Ryan @Jeremy? :thinking:




is that even your job?


No… but I’m just letting you know. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


ok… sorry. It’s just I’ve been working on this story for like a year now and I’m only on episode 2 and the guy says it has to be deleted because of copyright :frowning:


Hi! Moved this to the Feature Requests section. Also the title of this feature request currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for suggestion threads. Please review those guidelines and edit your thread to ensure it isn’t closed or deleted. Thanks! :v:t2:


It’s okay. If it does have copyright material, it would have to be deleted though. That’s difficult though since you’ve been working on it for so long. :frowning:


Maybe try to change some it and make it less copyright?!?


A reminder that any discussion of Episode’s guidelines concerning copyright is off-topic for this thread :slight_smile: Please use this space to express support or input for the suggestion. Thanks! :v:t2:


Change title to CLOTHING: hats


Closing as this doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests :v:t2:

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