Can we get more exposure for the older stories?

I love this app, but I personally don’t believe it properly targets the readers and authors who have been around since the early days.

Some of us just want to read our favourite Classic, Ink and Early Limelight Stories, without having to search tirelessly for them since they don’t show up in the most popular genres, even though most of them have garnered millions of views.

Just an idea, but what they should do is create an entirely different Shelf called “The Classics” where we can easily find the most popular Episode Stories from 2014-2018. Because some idiots like me tend to forget the titles of these stories and then we feel like we can’t ever read them again, since the genre tabs favour stories from 2019+ despite the number of reads.


For real! They need like “Classic”, “INK”, and “Limelight” tabs. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between limelight and ink stories by their covers unless they say it