Can we have everything in limelight on ink too hear me out fellas! watchu think?!



I appreciate limelight and all but HEY INK READER AND WRITER HEREEE!! hope they’ll starts making every clothes the limelight has for ink ESPECIALLY TATTS FOR GIRLS!! I be going nuts whenever I see gorgeous outfits in limelight that’s not in ink… INK LOVERS WHERE YOU ALL AT?..(this is just for fun only, just trying to let out diff. opinion, lol)


I think that everything in episode stories like Pretty little liars has to be both in ink and in light


OMG totally agree on that!


So samone have to do something about it
demonstration :sunglasses::v:




I am sorry to say that INK at this point is not being updated anymore and that the Episode Interactive team is only focusing on LL at this point :neutral_face:


I do not understand what a problem to release everything they create :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hope they’ll focus on ink as well for im afraid not all of us reads limelight:sleepy::sob:


I Read All .The content of the story. has nothing to do with the style


Oh, sorry I just got used to INK… might as well try LL now :thinking:


The light is fine and maybe too much drawn too much in the stretch of skin type of makeup but it was nice I was happy with if thet have doing to the boys muscle in ink like light :muscle:


certainly :hugs: