Can we have Japanese

If this is successful, I’ll be happy.
Use to fix Grammar so the translators have better times translating your English to such-and-such language correctly.

I made the first step, onto the next…

I reloaded but the Japanese writing stayed.

Result in the previewer only: image


Episode stated that Emojis come out as Black and white lines in the previewer but if you looked at them on your phone in the episode app, they’d have full color, so you may be able to see certain fonts, languages, etc. in the app instead of the previewer. To find out, try using the language or fonts for yourself but view the results on your phones instead of the previewer.

As a Japanese student, You can spell out Japanese words in English.
Mother: お か さん - okasan
Father: お父さん - otosan
and so forth. Hoped this helped!


Mother: お母さん (Kanji)
Mother: おかあさん (Hiragana)

You were missing an あ after the か.


Woah, that’s amazing.

I know this is a super late reply but most of the time google translate is very incorrect, I would recommend asking a translator to help out instead of using google translate. I speak japanese (Conversationally fluent) and I see a lot of times where people use incorrect sentence structers with romaji in stories.

And yeah, i’m pretty sure episode will only allow romaji for episode stories because I have never seen a story where they use kanji/katakana/hirigana.

actually since they now allow accents, maybe one can also use them!


Hopefully :relaxed:

@EtherealWitch dimenticavo che studiavi giappo anche tu haha

I actually just tried and both kana and kanji, despite saving correctly on the portal, are viewed as squares on the app, at least in story descriptions :sleepy: