Can we please get some hot features on the males in limelight episode? Pretty please with a cherry and sprinkles on top?

Before anything, thank you episode for all that you have done and do for us and continue to do. I know it is hard work to make characters and their features e.t.c.

I wrote this before so I’m sorry if this triggers Episode staff.
I wish there were more features for the mens faces e.t.c. It’s either the stubble being too thick or too light. To me, it’s much easier designing female characters because they look outrightly gorgeous in pretty much any rag whilst with the male characters are much harder to do because they end up looking like your classic dick/douchebag.
If the stubble ends up looking good, there’s this huge as lump that’d appear in the side of their cheek. It’s meant to make their face look chiseled or something but I just keep getting reminded of contour…of James Charles and my character is straight. PLEASE HELP!
I’ve been trying to make this guy (teacher) look hot and I’ve pretty much given up. I am begging you episode…PLEASE ADD GOOD LOOKING FEATURES FOR THE MALES!

Limelight looks good for girls but Ink is better for guys.

This is the guy:

Maybe, I just suck at designing! That’s what it is!
Thanks for your time!.


:rofl: I feel you. I usually don’t customize female characters in stories because they already look gorgeous, but I’ve had a few attempts to make a good-looking guy in LL, and I just can’t. It’s like whatever I change, they look even worse. I’ve actually seen “hot” guys in a very few Limelight stories, but I have no idea how the authors did that


Also, I just found an existing feature request you can support:


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