Can we still promote our Episode related Instagram account in stories?

I’m pretty sure the guidelines used to say it was allowed, but now I can’t find that line anymore…
It does say we can’t advertise other platforms so I’m not sure at this point :confused:

I was wondering the same thing

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we can share our Episode Instagram in stories but not other platforms on the app.

For example: U have an episode youtube with episode tutorials, u can share that on the app.

U have an episode instagram account, u can add that on the app In your story.

If u don’t have any episode content on other platforms, u can’t add tht to the app.


Thanks! :blush:

Do you know if it that’s still somewhere in the guidelines?
I can’t find anything, I may have missed it…

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Author Promotion I think if thts the title. scroll down u will see.

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I can only find this… sorry, idk if I’m looking in the right place :confused:
Is there a separate point for author promotion somewhere?

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yeah that’s it right there. Advertising & Promotion. I got the title wrong.

Yeah, it just doesn’t mention promoting your account anymore… that’s why I’m confused.
Why would they change it if it’s still allowed?

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they just changed the wording. It is still allowed.

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I hope so, yeah… the new guidelines have me so confused :weary: :joy:
Anyway, thank you! :heart:

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:wink: np

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