Can we stop automatically hiding posts?


(I respect Episode on all its staff and thank goodness that’s out of way! Y’all want feedback as to why these forums have been getting crusty, dusty, musty and rusty, well maybe, stop flagging everything).

Say I’m talking about blacks and some white chick gets offended and reports my post—AUTOMATICALLY HIDDEN!
(Everyone seems to be getting confused. No, when I talk about black people, I am not being racist and when I talk about black people, I am usually talking about myself and my culture. Now, I don’t care if you get offended by that? Capisce?)

(I care way too much about this but here:

I’m speaking about my story someone doesn’t like—AUTOMATICALLY HIDDEN!


I’m existing for ch**st’s sake—AUTOMATICALLY HIDDEN!

Roselle speaks out—ACCOUNT BANNED! (Yet to happen. Yet to happen.)

I don’t care if your ass got offended by something plain. If it’s legitimate, then, by all means, report my comment but if your reason is for spite, then don’t and Episode, I beg of you—PLEASE STOP ENABLING THEM.

I’m talking about Episode promoting rape in a comment and I’m trying to leave me a message and next thing—POST IS FLAGGED!

(I lost interest in writing this. I’ll edit whenever I feel like it but thoughts, anyone or is this just mee and my idiosyncratic pet peeves?)


“talking about blacks”
Gee I wonder why you keep getting flagged ._.


Well, it’s not the staff though, I’m pretty sure those with the Episode Community Member title can flag posts as well. So please don’t blame the Episode staffers. You have gotten flagged because you said something offensive, like in this: calling a group of people “blacks”, cussing excessively, and those two are a few things I can think of…

But, @Nick can you help here?? You know way more about this than I do


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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If you were on the old Forums, you automatically get it!

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Dammit, I really want that :confused:

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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The blacks thing was just an overexaggerated example along with a bunch of others.
I’m black and if people get offended by my talking about my culture—damn them.
What’s bad about calling a group of people blacks if they are black?
I don’t even know what to say.

What about us? Is it something derogatory :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

“The blacks” sounds ignorant. You can keep it simple by saying person of color, or you can just address them as “they said this or that.”


Calm down. I was typing it before I saw your other message.

I am so bloody confused—honestly, I am.

Lol, I know you stated it a couple of times. All I’m saying is it sounds odd seeing or hearing the term “the blacks.”

What’s to be confused about?

Yeah, it was in reference to the statement I made…

See I wouldn’t know you were black. You don’t have a pfp so I wouldn’t know. It’s just out of the blue to see someone talking about “the blacks”. I didn’t mean to offend you. Btw I tried reaching out to @Nick bc he can tell you why you might have been flagged on this post (bc he knows way more than I do on this) and previous ones.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


you don’t have to let me but I could try making you a pfp

Oh, that’d be nice! Could you tell me how to make one instead?

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