Can we stop promoting prostitution stories?


Hello there,
I have been reading episode for like two years now and I have seen how the episode community and story ideas have changed.
It’s always good to introduce new ideas out of the cliche ones, am I the only one that noticed the extreme increase in stories about strippers and prostitutes? Again guys this app is 13+ which means you should keep in mind that children are reading your stories even if you have some warning because actually all stories on the app have warnings or episode should make the app 15+ or smth. Stories like Bunny Boiler, The Black Bra and many others are promoting sexual trading. Not just that but I also ran into some story about a student who works as a stripper by night and this is actually called child trafficking, the community shouldn’t be okay with discussing such topics in this way.
I also reported the black bra, and its actually the only story i have ever reported because it went way too far but guess what it was still there only MY account can’t access to it.
Anyway that’s my opinion and excuse my horrible grammar. Hope u understand what I am trying to say and open a discussion about that. Thanks for reading


I completely agree with you, there are just too many stories that are not for kids and that are just so inappropriate.


OMG yes, the one with teenager stripper is disgusting, people forget that if you’re under 18 you’re a CHILD.


If there’s anything that I learned from Episode is that the larger side is favored by them bc money. If people like it there’s no changing it. All we could do is avoid reading those stories.


I COMPLETELY agree with this and I don’t agree with these types of inappropriate stories. Why are people enjoying them!? Ugh. And not to kill this rant, but it’s 13+, not 11+


Yes sadly this is true


Ah sry I will edit the post but anyway it still 13 is too young they shouldn’t be exposed to such kind of things


I agree.


as long as what is being shown in the story involves consenting adults I don’t really see a problem with what they’re doing. And yeah there are 13 year olds on this app which is why the authors of these stories provide a fair warning. If kids still read it despite the warning then its on them and their parents.


I agree. I have no issue with these themes in themselves and if they’re presented appropriately, accurately and non-offensively then I don’t see a huge problem. I know there are some young readers on Episode but there’s no way an app full of creative people, both adults and children, can cater to the very youngest all the time. What people read is essentially always going to be their own choice and responsibility.

I agree there are also probably some stories that present these themes in inappropriate ways and it would be good if that was looked into.


@CordeliaM @episodereaderfan But really having a normal warning is not enough bc all stories normal and others contain warnings and It’s not just about mentioning adult scenes infront of children but also about promoting it… if u wanna talk about such topic u should be more careful about the message that reaches the reader since above all it’s a kind of human trafficking let alone the story about that child prostitute


Oh I completely agree that trafficking etc should not be promoted and that writers have to be careful with it… however I don’t think writers should be banned from writing about these themes completely. Stories that discuss such themes can even be used in a positive manner to spread awareness and help establish appropriate values in readers etc.

Other times it’s just a part of the story and I agree on an app for 13+ things should be monitored so nothing is too explicit. Mature themes are allowed however and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be.


ok but human trafficking and child prostitution is totally different from sex workers and strippers that consent to their job. For example you mention the bunny boiler as an example when the mc in the story is an adult who has consented to her job.


Yeah, human trafficking and child prostitution is rape. Stripping and sex work is just another job and frankly, acting like it’s scandalous or inappropriate is kind of disgusting. They’re just providing a service, and it’s their prerogative to do so. They get shamed enough as it is. As long as the sex scenes aren’t shown in the story, I think it’s fair game and should be normalised so the people who work in the industry stop getting slut shamed.


sex work is called prostitution and it doesn’t fit with episode guidelines


I agree the act shouldn’t be featured, but I think that if Episode is cool with featuring people working as gang members murdering people, but not okay with the mere mention or idea of a person exchanging sex for money, there’s something massively wrong there.


Yes I completely agree, plus not all episode stories have to be about love and romance (even though 90% of all featured stories are romance).


Sex work is an umbrella term, actually. Prostitution only refers to full-service sex work, which shouldn’t be portrayed explicitly on the app because we shouldn’t be exposing children to pornography in the form of any type of sex scene. I’d argue that explicit sex scenes on an app targeted toward children are the real problem, as well as the sexualization of underage characters on such an app.

I absolutely agree that nobody under the age of 18 should be involved, and human trafficking should never be romanticized. However, this is different from an adult willingly working as a stripper or in a similar profession, which doesn’t fit under the legal definition of prostitution. The writer of a story like that just has to be careful to keep some of the character’s clothes on, due to the guidelines on nudity.