Can we stop with this (episode edition)?

This is the first can we stop this!

So many of you have probably read stories with mean girls and it’s so annoying how people portray them.

  • Mean girls are not always rich and stuck up!

This is one I see a lot, many people have mean girls who never work and uses daddy money and are rude which is not always true.

  • Mean girls are not always white females with blonde hair.

As a POC I see this a lot in episode stories where they have the blonde mean female who is dumb and I find it offensive that many blonde white females are portrayed this way!

  • Mean girls are not sl*ts for sleeping with men!

Why do people do this? Then they have the MC sl*t shame the mean girl on the low just because the MC is a virgin😔

  • Mean girls are not jealous or crazy when there over protective of there bf.

Many people use this story line and I find it weird how you can make the “mean girl” a jealous crazy person because she doesn’t like how the MC flirts with her bf and then act innocents on why the “Mean girl” doesn’t like her.


  • Mean girls are not just mean for no reason.

Many people act like mean girls are just crazy and mean for no reason…instead of making it seem like the mean girl is crazy go into depth on why she acts the way she acts!

2nd can we stop this!

  • Many people write stories where they have the LI getting jealous at the MC for talking to other guys.

I find this idea really messed up. The LI is not being protective he’s being controlling towards the MC. The MC should be able to talk to whoever she wants (in a friendly/nice way) just like the LI can!

Please share your opinions down below! Also share some things we should stop putting in episode stories and I’ll add them to the thread!


I agree with every word said especially with mean girls being blonde? Like I don’t get it just why? And honestly they always show mean girls are the stupid ones but turns out mc is more stupid than her who sees her with li and believes they’re hooking up!! Like grow tf bro----


Exactly…scenes like this are so cringe!
And I hate how some authors portray the LI as a gentlemen when he respects the MC and not other females. The LI is not a gentlemen if he only respects the MC. I understand boundaries but you don’t have to down talk, disrespect other females to validate yours there’s nothing wrong with the LI talking to other females in a friendly/ nice way.


Sooo damn true. Periodt
Also, off topic but I don’t like this sexist ideology that has been created on episode. It’s like I’ve seen in many stories the li gets jealous of mc talking to other guys and it’s labelled as toxic, but when mc does that, it’s termed as a cute gesture (?) How even that beats me. I don’t know how many people feel the same way

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Many mafia stories show this :joy: they show the MC talking to other guys being nice then the LI gets all protective (when in reality he’s being controlling) and they label it as adorable and cute but when the LI is talking to another female it’s seen as okay and when the MC confronts him about it he tells her to stop being jealous like it goes both way sir

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After reading a couple of Mafia stories, I know feel they all are same :joy:

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Yeah I changed the thread up so it cant get off topic and if people have things they want to stop seeing in episode (like wrong things) they can chat in the section and I’ll add it to the thread!

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All of the points mentioned were very true. I’m not white or blonde and the stereotype is becoming unnecessary.

Anyone can be a bimbo/himbo (I found out that Himbo is a fairly positive thing and Bimbo is not :rage:)

Mean-ness/aggression, lack of respect can come from spoiled people, people that come from abusive homes and aren’t able to process their trauma healthily, and/or a combination of the two (or more).

If anyone wants to write a story, write a story about the “typical mean girl” that develops and becomes a better person. The “good girl MC” could be the antagonist! Who knows!


I thought we were done with the slt shaming. If you (as an age appropriate person) do not like/engage in sx, fine! Just don’t shame other people for their choices!


Yeah this is in the show cobra kai…where the bully tries to change his life around but the good guy in the original won’t let him because he keeps bringing up the past.

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Exactly I find it offensive that just because people are virgins then they can comment on if a female is a slxt or not and it goes both way just because I’m waiting for marriage doesn’t mean I’m scared and just because a female sleeps with many men doesn’t mean she’s a slxt.


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In the story “Liar” the “mean girl” wasn’t white. Authors are getting better with that. And i never see almost all blondes, being dumb. But most of the stuff you said was true.

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I’m tired of seeing the LI invade the MC’s personal space without permission (and especially when he doesn’t know her well) by backing her up against a wall or leaning over her.
Also dislike it when they kiss MC out of nowhere without asking for permission. :full_moon_with_face:


So here’s answer WHY everybody thinks and promotes in movies and stories that mean girls/bullies are like that is because one movie that was very popular movie and it is still watched and taken inspiration till today and I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about famous comedy-teen movie “Mean Girls”.Although main character does not fit into some of the categories here, Regina George does fit ALL OF THEM. Regina is tbh most popular character from there because of her looks and attitude. She was skinny, blonde, mean, crazy obessessive girl. I must admit that movie is great and actually Regina George is well written character but the mean girls obsession that came from it was a little much.

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Ugh I hate that too and they justify the MC kissing him back by saying he was hot and irresistible like miss girl just because he’s “cute” doesn’t mean he can kiss you without permission considering y’all barley know each other.

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Exactly, and it literally makes him no different from the “ugly” creeps in the stories who force themselves upon MC. He’s still doing the same things, he just looks more attractive which is in no way an excuse or justification for his actions.

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THIS! and I hate when the LI “saves” the MC from a creep and then expect something in turn or tries to kiss her her by backing her up in the corner…it makes them no different then those creeps

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I agree completely with the over-bearing, controlling, jealous, the bar for men is so low it’s a tavern in Hades type of love interest. It’s offensive and paints a horrible cliche that makes me nauseous. It’s why I usually don’t read many of the trending stories.

However, I disagree with the mean blonde stereotype to an extent. I grew up being bullied by white blonde women who lived off of their parents’ money, were popular, and presented as completely one dimensional (almost like a pick-me complex). Most people I’m friends with today were primarily bullied by white blonde women. So, it may be a stereotype, but it’s somewhat true. Most of the time, their homelife is a wreck… however so was mine, and I never ONCE harassed someone. So there may be an explanation for their rotten behavior, but it’s never an excuse.

Second, most of the time the mean girl will sl*t shame other women, too. So if we’re on the basis of criticizing MC’s for doing this, by God tear the mean girl apart, too. Going along with this, many mean girls at my high school would always make it a goal to ruin the relationships of other girls, and to be overly protective of their boyfriends. They’re usually rather insecure; it’s sort of a show don’t tell type of deal. So it may be annoying and awful, but it shows where the mean girl is in life. People flirt with my S/O all the time… but I trust them enough to shut down any advances. If the mean girl can’t do that when the MC flirts with her boyfriend, then it truly speaks volumes.

Just some food for thought.