Can we talk about these screenshots?

TW: Sexual Assault Mention

… This has been bothering me for a while. I’m just going to post these screenshots for you guys to see and let them speak for themselves - I won’t name the story here specifically, but if you want to know what it is, I’ll send it in a PM.

So, uh, in the story… MC is a special type of witch that can have children with a vampire (I think; the context of all this doesn’t really matter through). She gets KIDNAPPED by vampires. Here’s some of what happens.

wtf1 wtf2 wtf3 wtf4

First SC: MC tries to run away. This guy Bill levitates her and tells her THIS when she tells him to put her down.
Second SC: This is after a very long-winded backstory about witches and vampires that doesn’t really matter. MC is falling in love with a guy who kidnapped her and told her he could break her neck?
Third/Fourth SC: This is after Bill smirks at her and acknowledges that she wants him. She fearfully tells him she’s a virgin, and he responds with this.

… So… yeah. What the flying fuck? ‘Sadly’ if he forces himself? Does the author know what the hell she’s saying about that character right there? I’m honestly disgusted. How can ANYONE read this and think that it’s okay?


Weird…very weird…

Wow that is so wrong in so many ways

Have you reported it? Also can you please PM me the story so that I could report it?


Have fun! :heart:


What the world :woman_shrugging:t4: What exactly is the story line to this story?

Could you PM me the name of the story?

This should be reported ASAP
We need to remember that children are playing too, not just teens or adults!
This is so disgusting and wrong :anger:


What in the hell is going on here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hey, could you PM me the name of the story?

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I have seen this one before I can’t remember the name though

Wow @ the last quote. He just admitted to being a rapist.


Hmm wtf??!

this story was really weird I remember I stopped reading it because it was to weird.

The love interest is a r*pist… I cannot comprehend how people think that’s romantic or something. This is just so disgusting and disrespectful to survivors of sexual assault whenever authors romanticize perpetrators.


As long as it’s a hot guy it doesn’t matter to readers and authors.


The plot reminds me of Living With The Vampire Brothers

Ha funny I thought that there is only one disgusting story


Also it’s NOT romantic to get kidnapped. Someone took you against your will, but since they’re attractive, it cancels out the crime?


It’s not only that the moment you read the story (at least what I remember from it) you feel like the only perpose for you’re character is to have babies and that for the rest she is just useless it made me very uncomfortable


Creepy. The statement he makes in the fourth shot makes it sound like he learned from personal experience.

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