Can we talk about these screenshots?

Is this the actual title? O_o


Oh YAY! Another story romanticising abuse! Just goes to show how healthy some of the writers on Episode are!


No she just didn’t want to expose the author :sweat_smile:


You never know. At this point nothing surprises me. Just angers :woman_shrugging:


disappointed that the authors possibly can’t read, I’m sure the rules don’t allow plots like this but ok

Tbh as much as I hate the idea of people throwing abuse as authors, it might be a good idea to tell someone the name of the story. Maybe he could message @Tyler if he hasn’t already?


I hope she reported the story too


That’s the thing. Questionable plot are allowed. As long as they obey the guidelines, like no visuals for rape etc.
This is just gross, and honestly we should make a Startup to sponsor psychiatrist sessions for these authors…


I’m a he, btdubs :grimacing:

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Exactly. We can cover difficult subjects. We just have to do them well. It always seems like they don’t even try :woman_facepalming:t4:


Ohh I’m sorry haha

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If a story was actually called TW/Trigger Warning and wasn’t cringy political stuff, and featured wonderful things such as that gif there- I’d read it in a heartbeat, LMAO.


Eyy! One of the few guys on the forums! I’m not a guy, but good to see that we’re not all women :joy:

How did you come across this story?

That’s me! Haha. It’s true, we’re few and far between.

I took a screenshot of the last particular line a while back - must have been over a year ago. And as my contest entry includes fantasy/supernatural stuff, I figured I’d look to the Fantasy section for inspiration, and… Came across this… I remembered it from all that time ago.

I just thought - Christ, this is really bad and uncomfortable. So I thought I’d bring attention to it on the forums.

Also! For those that know the name of the story, you can find it on Youtube, too, if you don’t want to give the author any more reads.


yikes. do you mind PMing me the story title and author so i can report it

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I’ve read this before.

disgusting in every possible way.

Disgusting and so gross! Yah I’m reporting this story if I find out the name. :face_vomiting:

Report this crap… It’s just disturbing.
“I learned that sadly, if I force myself or if they don’t want me the pregnancy won’t take”…sooo you’re a rapist…I can totally see why the MC is still so into him…:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

You should PM @Tyler and give him the name so this can be removed. I’m sure it goes against all kinds of rules…

At least I hope it does…