Can we use colleges?

Are we allowed to use real colleges in our stories? Like Standford and Harvard? I just want to make sure before writing it down.

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What about businesses. My says she works in McDonald’s

I always assumed that if it wasn’t educational then it had a copyright on it, since episode gives you a strike for using real song lyrics in stories- so I just play it safe. One of my characters works at McDonalds too, but in the story I call it McNaldos (the slogan: I like the it)

How many strikes do you get and what happens after they give you the maximum amount of strikes?

Hmm… if I remember correctly it’s 2 strikes, pretty sure they give temporary bans if it’s something small like copyright strikes or too much swearing, things like that. They definitely give a perma ban on your episode account if it’s two strikes on serious rules, like hate speech.