Can we use google pictures for backgrounds?



Hi everyone! I was just wondering if we can use google images for backgrounds on episode?




Do we have to give any credit or something for those images?


I don’t think so


That depends. If it is like a copyright or trade mark like Star Wars, Infinity War, Uncle Drew, etc; they won’t be approved. so make sure they are not in a movie or anything like that!


Okay thanks :hearts:


Alright thank you :heart:


You would have to do google advanced search


What does that mean?


It’s a feature on google to make sure the images are copyright free


Okay thanks :heart:


I also recommend trying, “free use visual novel backgrounds”

I know there’s a lot of resources through that.


As long as it is not copywriten material I think you should be good.


Alright but how do you know it has copyrights?


Okay :hearts:


You could try using the reverse image search function on the Google search bar to see where it comes from!