Can y’all create some art with this?

Hey y’all. So I have some of these outlines that you will see below, they are kinda crappy and messy but if you want to turn them into some form of art or edit or something plz go ahead just make sure that you tag my and say

Outlinecredit: (then my user name here)

Good luck y’all!!

And also if you want me to make you one that you want the character doing a certain thing or pose or something just dm me and I’ll make it for u!


Ooh I wanna try :grin::grin: nice outlines u got skillllzzz, oh and can you make the outlines transparent so that it’s just le lines and no white on the inside?

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How exactly do I make the lines transparent…? :sweat_smile::joy:

What app did you use bc it depends on that :smiley:

IbisPaint x

Make sure your outline layer had is gridded (idk what to call it)

Then press save as transparent background

Ps: when your doing outline contests u should do this bc it’s easier to color :grin:

Did I do it right??


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The outlines! :heart_eyes: :clap:t3:


Idk what happened with the eyes but I changed the lips :grin:


OMG it looks so good!!!

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I couldn’t agree more with you! I was attempting the one with the first image but after seeing this I’m like hmm… maybe leave it to the pros. :eyes:

::Walks backwards slowly off the stage::

And these outlines of yours are beautiful!:heart_eyes:

Oh no! I bet it would look beautiful! Don’t doubt yourself!! :heart::heart:

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*randomly enters the conversation…

if you doubt yourself like that again- I will whack you with my frying pan and get @SkyM to arrest you. Ya hear? You are a talented muffin :triumph::heart:


:joy::joy::joy: thankyou for entering the chat


Lmao :rofl: thank you dear, I appreciate the loving threat :heart: :joy:

@Akira_new-writer737 thank you as well for the encouraging words :relaxed: :heart:



Ty guys :two_hearts:
@Elaina2 u have to join! :joy: it doesn’t have to look like any one else’s :heartbeat:


D*mn right, and the jail is scary :smiling_imp::rofl: