Can you actually make 2 (or more) characters "act" at the same time?

I want to make my characters talk while another character wave/greet them at the same time. i’ve read a view topic on this and people said that you can’t. but i still don’t understand because when i read a view of my favourite stories, there’s a scene where they did that.
i’m so confused omg lol.

You can use the AND command. @Character1 is animationname AND @character2 is animationname

If you want to make them talk while another character does an animation, it would be something like this:

&CHARACTER is animation
Blah blah blah

But if you want it to look like they’re talking at the same time, it’s possible but not simple. You could do it by uploading an overlay of a speech bubble and timing it to come up at the same time, or you could create a character called ‘Both’ and place ‘Both’ off screen so the the speech bubble shows up with ‘Both’.


Hmm that’s a good one indeed.I usually name a character both when I want two of my characters to speak the same dialogue at the same time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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