Can you actually make money on writers payments?

Hi! I see very little to almost nothing about independent writers payments here, I get the impression only people who write official episode earn money, has anyone actually made something out of this? And if so, would it be rude to ask how much on average? I was just wondering if the effort it takes to make a story that fits the payments requirements is actually worth it and if I should really spend my time on it.



I agree, but that is mostly, because not a lot of paid writers are hanging around over here (I never talked to one at least and I am here since 2019.)

You are not wrong about that. Only the writers of featured stories (episode originals) earn money, because they became writers for the Episode-team. But to get there, you have to earn a x million reads and x million gems. The Episode-team will inform you, by mail, if your story is ready to become an Episode Original.

No. But that only will be the question when you got that e-mail. :wink:

And yes it is worth it to write. I write because I love to write. I don’t look at the money, to be honest. If I do that I got demotivated. I write, because I love to write and because of the readers that like to read my stories. So, please don’t get demotivated and if you get a writers block → stay calm, and it’s okay to take breaks, hun. It’s your story, so, you are the boss. :wink:

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First of all, I do not want to sound rude

Yes, lots of big authors makes money out of writer payment.

Not, sure how much but I have heard that they can pay their bills like electricity, water and other bills. (I think barely?)

NOT sure!!!

but if you are writing just to make money out of it… then I suggest… just… don’t go for it.

I mean it takes lot’s of time and hard work to create an episode… but you can get recognization at your 1st story IF your story plot is good and coding skill are awesome plus with amazing English… it’s not easy to get reads … I mean dude… everyone can barely get 5k reads a month … how they suppose us to get those reads/gems in 60 days?..

Well, It’s not true to me… I know some author who r not episode official writer and even talked to them. (Well, ofc… I didnt talked about their money lol… :joy:)

All, I wanna say is… You shouldn’t write if you only want the money bcz you will get impatience and will want to drop everything. just bcz u didnt get the recognization.

Write If you love to write and share your story with everyone else

Sorry, if I sounded rude… :pray: :pleading_face:
:upside_down_face: :smiling_face:


You are not rude. :smiling_face: And your thoughts are the same as mine. :laughing:


I’ve definitely become unmotivated in the past because how many reads and gems you have to earn. But I’ve always had a passion for writing stories or short novels (journalism major :sweat_smile:) . At the point I am right now it doesn’t bother me so much cause I enjoy the way my readers love my stories and look forward to my next update that right there makes it all worth it!


Oh no, I didn’t mean for it to come off as if I was only writing for the money! I´ve been writing on episode since 2017 and I love it hahah but I was a teen back then, and now I have other resposabilities and etc I was just wondering if I could make some money out of this hobbie since it takes so much time to create a good episode story, but thank you so much for your answer, you did not sound rude at all <3

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oooh, that makes a lot of sense actually, never thought that was how episode original stories became that hahah I love to write too, and it is an absolute blast receiving love from the readers, it’s just that it takes sooo much time, and I always feel guilty for not doing “anything” for my future, hence the money part, but you’re so sweet, thank you for the advice <3

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It’s really crazy for small writers to get there, right? Makes a little hard to keep the motivation, but I am so glad you’re doing out of passion! Money can’t buy the feeling you get when someone really apreciates your story <3


Definitely :grin::relaxed:

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