Can you add a game over to your story?

How do you add a game over to your story? Like, when you make the wrong choice, you need to restart the whole story from the beginning. Also, is there any way to have 3 lifes? Like, when you make the wrong choice the first and the second time, it says “you died” and the amount of lifes you have left and then you respawn in another room so you can continue the game, and only the third time you make the wrong choice, it says “game over” and you have to restart the story.

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You can not restart to chapter 1, unleash you lock and they have to go re-read the story.

also honestly I would hate this, I am wasteing time and passes on this story. haveing to completly re-read wouldnt make me re-read, I would just not read anymore.

I have experince a story do that before, really good amazing codeing and plot, but when I was told game over because I spelled a freaking name wrong(I am dyslexic so that happenes a lot) I was out. not re reading this


In order to go back to the beginning of the story, you have to add a label,so the code would look something like this:

label start_of_episode


goto start_of_episode

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This isn’t possible for us to code. We can only direct readers to a point within a chapter, we can’t send them all the way back to the beginning of the entire story.
You could send them back to the beginning of the mini-game, direct them to the end of the chapter if they wanted to skip or to the beginning if they wanted to replay (replay isn’t recommended for chapters with gains though).

It would be possible to give your reader “lives” within your story, but it’s just not possible to forcefully send them back all the way to the beginning of the story and as @line123462 said, that would be very frustrating especially without any pass/gem compensation.
The only way they could replay the story regardless of what chapter they’re up to is if they chose to use one of their replays (they get 5 replays per story max) which is a function in the app, not something the author enables the reader to do via their script code.


Hi @Polina2008

it true what @line123462 @May.I.Write @schittwriter state about the chapter will have to be mini game to restart whole chapter since it impossible for author to code that script in a story .

But if you want to restart whole game to get reader at being of the story you can used heart overlay that can be 3 heart when the reader lost in mini game they can start over at being of the story were the chapter 1 take place

As you will be coding the restarting script the reader will feel sad, mad , tired of restarting a whole chapter please think about the readers how they will be feeling about story that will be adding with a taking away to go at the start of the story @Polina2008 it can make the readers not want to read your story any more because of the chapter restart and they work so hard to find out what will happen in the story of the character , plot , setting , and more that the readers are looking for in a story


But what if I make checkpoints? Like, if you lost all your lifes, it resends you back to the beginning of the chapter, but not at the beginning of the story where the chapter 1 takes place. Can I do that?

Yes, that’s possible! You can redirect readers to any point within a chapter.

For a number of lives, you could have a points system and add a character to your story named “LIVES” if you wanted to, then you could make it so that certain choices award life points, others take them away and some don’t award anything(?) and then code branches for each number of lives, like branch one could be for people with all 3 lives, the second for those with 2 lives, the third for 1 and the last for 0 or the first for people with more than 1, the second for those with 1 and the third for those with less than 1. But you could have a goto command within the 0 branch/branch for less than 1 life that redirects them to a label at the beginning of the chapter.

:blush: Don’t know if you’ve seen Dara’s guide on the points system, but it explains it in more detail and provides examples:

For the label, you’ll need to have it near the beginning of your chapter:

label start

This is an example :arrow_up: and then within the branch for people with no lives left: :arrow_down:

goto start

Seems pointless, but I think you should also reset the character points within the 0 branch to 0 (@CHAR = 0)just as an extra precaution against bugs/glitches, but it’s totally optional (you’d need to do that before the goto command).